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Welcome to Cielo House, your home for recovery.

For more information, CALL US NOW (650) 455-9242
or email our CEO, Matt Keck directly at matt@cielohouse.com


From Outpatient services to Residential treatment, at Cielo House we provide the highest quality care for Eating Disorders Treatment customized to match the needs of each of our clients every step of the way.

What makes Cielo House different? Everything.
Beautiful natural settings, welcoming and comfortable environments, our organic garden, animal-assisted therapy, and the true understanding that each of our clients is unique and that their own personal journey matters, these are some of the elements that make Cielo House special.

Thank you for visiting our website. You have taken the first step to recovery for yourself or someone in need. We know you have some questions, and we are here to help so let’s connect.

Accepting Treatment for Anorexia and Addiction

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Treating Teens with Eating Disorders

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How Can Social Media Trigger Teens

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Gaining Health vs Losing Weight

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