A Day in the Life of Cielo House

Many people wonder what an average day consists of at the Cielo House residential program. The day always begins with a good nutritious breakfast and enlivening activity to awaken the Spirit.

Whether it’s a coastal hike, beach walk, Restorative Yoga, Equine Therapy, Kayaking, Paddleboarding or Organic Farming, at Cielo house we inculcate in our clients that every day is beautiful and can offer something special for each of us.

The day continues with therapeutic services in the morning. This may mean meeting individually with your therapist, psychiatrist, medical doctor or dietitian, or a therapy group. The morning therapeutic curriculum is varied so that each day offers something fresh for the clients.

Lunch, as with all our meals is its own therapeutic experience. Whether prepared as a group or by our nutrition staff, our meals our based around appropriate nutrition principles and mindfulness. They are meant to be enjoyable and to help reestablish a positive relationship with food.

Afternoons may contain other therapeutic services on some days or activities on others, as well as afternoon snack daily. On some days there is Equine Therapy or a trip to a local farm, an expressive arts group or philosophy. Each day is different to keep the clients looking forward to their next experience.

Gardening Hands

Now Offering Outpatient 1-on-1 Sessions!
Cielo House is proud to announce that we are now currently offering outpatient 1-on-1 therapy sessions and dietician offerings! Contact us or follow the link to learn more!