About Cielo House

Cielo House is a group of residential and outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Centers for men, women and young adults with four separate locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area. With a dedicated staff of therapists, dietitians and medical professionals, Cielo House provides the highest quality care for Eating Disorder Treatment customized to match the needs of each client every step of the way.

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Much of what makes Cielo House such a special place is difficult to put in to words. What our clients say about us is that we are a program with a lot of heart. Our warmth, compassion, and genuine interest is paired with our expert knowledge of Eating Disorders to provide a safe and supportive setting in which clients can achieve the recovery they seek. Here are some more ways Cielo House is special.

Personalized, Customized Treatment Plans:
Although all of our programs have appropriate rules and guidelines, every client that walks through our door is treated uniquely and we are able to customize their treatment experience to best serve their needs. We don’t espouse a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

Our 2:1 Staff to Client ratio helps us do this. We may be the experts on Eating Disorders, but you are the expert on “you”. We make it a point to involve you in all aspects of treatment planning and delivery. There are no mysteries as to what we are doing or thinking, we lay it all out on the table for you to be the one to decide how your treatment goes.

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food, Mind and Body:
We work towards an intuitive eating perspective, helping clients to reconnect with their natural food and appetite preferences. In this process we always tie in the connection between our emotional state and physiological states. Through our use of mindfulness practices clients learn to properly identify hunger and fullness, as well as enhance awareness of their emotional states and how the two relate.

Comfortable, Healing Environment:

Most other treatment facilities are housed in hospitals or medical complexes. Cielo House is in fact a house, and when you come here, you are made to feel at home. Each of our locations has its own unique “personality” that has been shaped by the kindred spirits who have come through our doors. We believe clients prefer to receive treatment in the most comfortable, healing environment possible, a home away from home.


There are certain things that we need to remain firm about, such as our commitment to your recovery.

However, whenever possible we work with clients collaboratively to offer flexibility regarding their preferences and needs.

In our day treatment and IOP programs, we work with clients’ schedules to enable them to balance their work, school or other commitments whenever possible.

Complete Program Support:

Your individual therapy, nutritional counseling, vital sign monitoring and psychiatric care are included in the cost of the program. Furthermore, we assist you every step of the way, from making the arrangements for your enrollment in the program, checking insurance coverage, obtaining authorization and handling all of the insurance claims and reimbursements. We also collaborate with your outpatient treatment team, family, loved ones and anyone else who you want to be part of your recovery.

Mentoring Program:

Mentor calling patientOnce you become part of Cielo House you are always welcome here. Even if you complete services with us, we encourage former clients to become part of our Mentoring Program to connect with other Eating Disorder survivors and stay connected with us. We also offer a free Alumni Support Group where you can continue to develop connections with others who may share similar experiences and concerns.

The real strength of our program is YOU! We do our best to foster a community feel among all of our clients. Our clients benefit and learn from each other’s experience, and sometimes that connection is the strongest force in recovery.

Contact us for a free assessment or a tour of our treatment centers. We are here for you, and are happy to answer all your questions.