Cielo House Founders

Matt-Keck-210x300Matt Keck

I started my career at the age of 18, as the first male domestic violence crisis counselor in Santa Clara County. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Boston College in Psychology and I went on to graduate school at the University of San Francisco, where my focus on Eating Disorders won me a merit scholarship for students contributing to women’s issues.

I have worked on college campuses, community mental health organizations, and received specialized training in Eating Disorders at the Stanford University Department of Psychiatry.

I began in private practice in 2006 specializing in the treatment of Eating Disorders. I believe that people enjoy working with us at Cielo House not only because our professional background or training, but because we are kind, understanding people, who are committed to helping our clients achieve the most out of life. We may not have a magic answer to all mental health problems, but at Cielo House we certainly have the optimism and enthusiasm to help our clients find their own answers.

Matt Keck, MFT
Lic# 46314
Founder & CEO

sofia_keck-210x300Sofia Keck

As a person who believes in living life fully, I have seen through the inspiring stories of our clients that in order to live our best life we have to start from within. As a co-founder of Cielo House it is my intent to support our clinics in sharing our message of Healing Together and making sure that anyone struggling with an eating disorder knows that Cielo House is here to help.

As our Chief Marketing Officer I oversee our community outreach and development, and create initiatives to raise awareness about eating disorders and the treatment available at Cielo House. I posses a degree in Economics from the University of San Francisco and attended law school at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin.

Sofia Keck
Co-Founder & CMO


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