About Cielo House

Cielo House is a group of residential and outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Centers for all genders with four separate locations throughout the San Francisco Bay area. With a dedicated staff of therapists, dietitians and medical professionals, Cielo House provides the highest quality care for Eating Disorder Treatment customized to match the needs of each client every step of the way.

Much of what makes Cielo House such a special place is difficult to put in to words. What our clients say about us is that we are a program with a lot of heart. Our warmth, compassion, and genuine interest is paired with our expert knowledge of Eating Disorders to provide a safe and supportive setting in which clients can achieve the recovery they seek. Here are some more ways Cielo House is special.

Patient Care Model

Therapy Session

Customized Treatment Plans:

We work towards an intuitive eating perspective, helping clients to reconnect with their natural food and appetite preferences. In this process we always tie in the connection between our emotional state and physiological states. Through our use of mindfulness practices clients learn to properly identify hunger and fullness, as well as enhance awareness of their emotional states and how the two relate.

Staff and Client Yoga

Our 2:1 Staff to Client Ratio:

You help us do this. The staff at Cielo House may be the experts on Eating Disorders, but you are the expert on “you”. We make it a point to involve you in all aspects of treatment planning and delivery to ensure a successful treatment on your own terms. There are no mysteries as to what we are doing or thinking; we lay it all out on the table for you to be the one to decide how your treatment and recovery goes.