Adolescent Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating Disorders are the third most common chronic illness among adolescents. An estimated 50% of adolescents report having used some kind of unhealthy behavior to control weight. While eating disorders are unfortunately common in the adolescent population, the good news is that treatment outcomes improve the earlier someone gets treatment. Recovery from an eating disorder is definitely possible, and our team of expert eating disorder professionals is ready to help our clients reach it.

Cielo House offers an adolescent-specific program where young people and their families can get the help and support they need in recovering from an eating disorder. We welcome clients age 12-17 and treat all kinds of Eating Disorders. This specialized program is provides our adolescents with a separate treatment environment dedicated to just them.

Set in a home-like setting, adolescents receive comprehensive treatment with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Dietitians in a place where they feel welcome and safe.

A Family-Focused Approach

A big part of our philosophy or working with Adolescents is that families are and important part of treatment. Families provide support for clients going through a difficult process and they are going through a difficult process of their own. In addition, we work with our Adolescents to find meaningful ways to connect with their families through the recovery process.

Families are invited to be an essential part of treatment. Families receive weekly private Family Therapy sessions as well as participate in Family Fridays, where they receive a joint Nutrition Education Group and have a Support group just for family members.

Cielo House tries to create a “family feeling” within the treatment environment. Our clients come to rely on us, each other and themselves to feel united in the recovery process.

Cielo House Employs a mixture of Skills-Based Therapies such as:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • nterpersonal Therapy
  • Coping Skills Therapy
  • Solutions-Focused Therapy


Depth-oriented therapies to go deeper than just symptoms of the Eating Disorder:

  • Emotions-Focused Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Eastern Medicine
  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Body Image Therapy

In addition to group therapy, clients receive weekly Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Individual Nutritional Counseling, Psychiatric Monitoring and Vital Sign Monitoring.

Part of the Adolescent program is working with clients to cultivate a more positive relationship with food. To do this we have a weekly Cooking Group, where clients learn recipes they can re-create at home and try new foods to expand their palates.

Beyond Behaviors:

The Cielo House Adolescent Treatment Program helps clients change the behaviors of the Eating Disorder, but goes far beyond that to help them improve self-esteem, understand their emotions, and learn crucial skills to help them get the most out of their lives.

Adolescent Program FAQ’s

What is the daily schedule like?

The PHP program goes from 12-7 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 12-6 PM on Friday

The Afterschool IOP Program goes from 4-7 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 3-6 PM on Friday

How long do clients usually remain in treatment?

The course of treatment varies based upon a variety of factors, such as progress, insurance coverage, and other schedule commitments. Most clients will be in the program from 4-10 weeks, and they taper down their attendance as things start to get better.

What are the groups like?

We offer a mixture of skills-based groups, where clients are receiving concrete tools to help them in their recovery, and a mixture of depth-oriented groups to help take a deeper look at what is going on inside for a person. The group sizes are always small, we cap the groups at 8 clients so that everyone gets a chance to share and participate. The group becomes an important support system for clients, where they can feel free to be themselves, learn from and share with others in the group.

What are meals like?

Cielo House offers a unique meal experience. Our Registered Dietitians actually eat with clients at meals to model a healthy relationship with food and provide support at mealtimes with expert nutritional knowledge. Clients provide for most of their own meals, either by bringing prepared meals or ingredients for meals that can be assembled. There are 2 special meal experiences each week: The Cooking Group and Take-Out Tuesdays, when clients have opportunities to prepare meals and broaden their palate.

How do you handle insurance?

Cielo House is an In-Network provider with nearly all private insurance companies. You will get the highest level of coverage available. We obtain authorization from insurance and bill insurance directly, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How do we fit school into treatment?

The Afterschool IOP Program is an option for those clients who are still able to attend school full time. Many adolescents suffering with eating disorders, however are at a point where their health concerns need to addressed right away. Most schools are able to make accommodations for clients to attend treatment and the Cielo House team is able to interface with the school to provide necessary documentation for the accommodation process. We also have a quiet study area in house where students can come in before program hours or during break times to get schoolwork done.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Call us at 408-931-1176. We will set up a FREE intake appointment during which time you will meet with one of our Therapists and Dietitians to learn more about the program and assess the goodness of fit. We then obtain your insurance authorization and you can start the program the very next day.

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