Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

Binge Eating Disorder, sometimes referred to as Compulsive Overeating, is an Eating Disorder characterized by frequent episodes of binge eating. It’s important to note that binge episodes are very different from common overeating.

They involve significantly larger quantities of food in a shorter period of time than one would normally consume. They also include an element of loss of control during the binge episode, and guilt or shame afterwards. Often, binge episodes result in a person feeling physically unwell or nauseated and this disorder can negatively affect many aspects of a person’s life. Despite this, Binge Eating Disorder is not yet considered a “severe” diagnosis under mental health parity law, which contributes to individuals feeling their concerns are not legitimate. However, Binge Eating Disorder is the most prevalent of all eating disorders and binge episodes are so shameful and crippling to a person that if can often take over their entire life. Regardless of its classification, we believe Binge Eating Disorder is a severe diagnosis, and treat it with the seriousness it warrants.

The Cielo House Approach to Binge Eating Disorder:

In addition to the mastery over binge foods, which is akin to our treatment of Bulimia, we encourage our clients to look at not just what they are eating, but what’s eating them.

The whole person approach to Binge Eating Disorder is what distinguishes our program from weight loss groups and gimmicks.

Also, our active lifestyle approach makes it so that clients can implement positive new lifestyle changes without it feeling like a chore, it simply becomes part of their daily routine that clients look forward to. The positive momentum they feel about these changes can carry over into changing the binge eating behavior as well.

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