Most people wish they had more time to read, but with the pace of everyday life, it often becomes difficult to squeeze it in.  With this challenge in mind, I am pleased to announce that the Cielo House EDucation Blog will now be available in video and audio format.  The EDucation Blog, which contains useful material on various topics regarding Eating Disorder treatment, recovery and overall mental health and wellness will be accessible to you through your personal device, so even if a busy schedule makes it difficult to carve out time to sit and read, you can still obtain the valuable information from the Blog without having it slow you down.You can listen on your way into work, during spare time, or as a way of unwinding and doing some self-care.  The videos with text and audio may be found on  our YouTube channel, and podcast can be found on Soundcloud.
We have currently selected four of our most popular Blogposts and converted them into video and audio format.
How Our Beliefs Create Our Reality? – This post covers some of the essentials of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and helps us understand how we can actually shape our experience of reality by working on developing positive beliefs
Art Therapy: Painting A Picture of Recovery –  This post reveals how unlocking the creativity within us through Expressive Arts is used in Eating Disorder treatment.
Don’t Suffer, ACT! Recovery through Acceptance and Commitment –  This post providers an overview of the tenets of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which teaches people how to get out of their minds and into their lives.
What is Mindful Eating? –  In this post, we take a look at the in’s and out’s of mindful eating and provide important guidelines for how you can incorporate mindfulness in your relationship with food.
Taking in a Blog post is a great way to have a quick reminder of information that will help keep you recovery oriented.  It is not necessary to spend massive amounts of time scouring for all the recovery material you might need from various books, articles, and studies.  We have taken the time to focus on the most relevant, practical, and helpful topics that we know from experience will boost your motivation and your recovery.  More blog posts are on the way, and we hope that this new format enables you to enjoy the valuable information presented more readily.  Sit back and relax while we do the reading and you do the learning.
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By Matt Keck, MFT
Matt Keck is the Founder and CEO of Cielo House Comprehensive Eating Disorder Treatment programs.  The numerous blogs and articles he has written can be useful to anyone who wants to learn more about Eating Disorders or those who are actively in recovery.