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As a small, local business, we are always looking for ways to give back to the community that provides so much for us, and to raise awareness about eating disorders—both the struggles and recovery process. As part of this initiative, we are hosting our first annual “Fall Into Recovery” benefit concert at our Moss Beach location.  We will be featuring amazing local talent, and are excited to be donating our proceeds to The Project Heal (www.theprojectheal.org), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises money for people with eating disorders who are not able to afford treatment, and helps to diminish the societal obsession with body image that often contributes to eating disorders. Started by two women who met in recovery from their own eating disorders, Project HEAL has raised over $450,000 to-date and has sent nine applicants to treatment for their eating disorders in the 6 ½  years they have been open. To help this event be a success, we need your help.  Please purchase a ticket above. Any other donations are welcome! Your ticket will be considered a donation and will contribute towards helping someone get the treatment they need. T-shirts, CDs, Posters, Food, Drinks + Snacks available for purchase at the event.

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Cielo House thanks the following sponsors for making this event possible.


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Lagunitas Brewing Company

Beer Speaks. People Mumble.

The Lagunitas Brewing Co. was not so much an act of ordinary ‘foundling’ as it was willed into being by the unspoken desire of supportive beer-lovers in Northern California after which they continued to nurture their creation and urged us forward to fulfill the unifying needs of that same beer-loving diaspora from coast to coast and beyond. It is good to have friends!

Kathy Gade

Clean Living from the Inside Out

As an Acrobat, Thai Massage Therapist, and Nutrition Educator, Kathy understands the importance of fueling the body with clean and simple foods that nourish and allow us to stay energized and active throughout our years. Whether teaching, performing, or traveling, she knows the value in having quick and easy access to nutritious foods wherever you happen to be in the world. Body Balance is a combination of the physical and nutritional practices that keep us fueled and ready for performance.



Healthy Eats. Vegan Treats

Namaste! I am Stephie. I love food. I love creating food. I am Passionate about food. More importantly, I love sharing my knowledge of healthy food with others. I want to share the good word on good eats with as many people as possible. I want to help others feel good about themselves and not feel restricted within allergy and weight constraints. Let me show you a way of living happily with food and still enjoying the taste. I want everyone to be just as happy as I am when eating.

La Nebbia Winery

Half Moon Bay

La Nebbia Winery is located in the charming coastal town of Half Moon Bay. Our winery is the oldest bonded winery in Half Moon Bay and has been a local landmark since 1979. Our history, tradition, and legacy have been in our Barrel to Bottle gatherings. For nearly 40 years, customers would stop by with their empty bottles and jugs and we would fill them. Today, we continue that tradition and regularly have Barrel to Bottle events.

Yael Melamed, MFT

Licensed Psychotherapist

Yael Melamed, MFT is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in the Marina District of San Francisco. She studied Depth Psychoanalysis at the Jung Institute and is extensively trained in trauma work. Yael offers group therapy in addition to working with individuals. She believes that groups offer a deeply healing environment, which complements and enhances individual therapy.

Gaia Essentials

Stay Pure. Live Whole.

Established in 2004, Gaia Essentials was born out of desire for a fulfilling new career and a personal need for some really good soap & moisturizers.

Produced by hand in small batches, each Gaia Essentials product is made from organic food-grade ingredients that are both unrefined and sustainably harvested.

Can't make it to our event?

We understand, life happens to us all. If you would like to support our event you can do so by making a monetary donation. A small $5 – $10 donation from everyone will get the ball rolling. There are people out there that need your support.

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