February 2017

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There are a lot of misconceptions about the role of family in eating disorders and in recovery. The most common misconception is that families cause eating disorders. This is absolutely not true. Eating disorders stem from a complex mosaic of factors that contribute towards their development and maintenance, so in no way is it accurate to say that families cause eating disorders…

This month’s Recovery Rockstar story comes from Melanie, who shares her journey with her Eating Disorder, OCD and Trauma. She reminds us, as she has reminded herself during tough times, “It’s not the end.
My childhood was interesting. We lived in a fancy house in the suburbs and my parents each drove a luxury car. We went on a nice vacation twice a year…

Cielo House Now Offering Weekend Warrior IOP Program in Pleasanton!
Weekends have traditionally been challenging times for those in recovery from Eating Disorders. Cielo House is proud to offer an innovative new program to provide additional support for the end of the week. Our Weekend Warrior IOP program offers a half day of structured treatment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.