Embarking upon treatment is a powerful step in the right direction, and we know it is often a scary step to take. That’s why we try to make getting started in treatment as easy as possible. We don’t make you jump through hoops to get help, we work diligently to take care of everything you need to start treatment as soon as you are ready. We like to view it as your job to reach out for help and our job to take your hand and guide you the rest of the way.

Intake Process

You think you might be ready to give one of our programs a try? Great! It’s easy to get started.

STEP 1 – Clinical Admissions

Set up a FREE intake appointment by calling us at 650-455-9242. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the intake we could set up a facility tour instead. During the intake appointment you will meet a member of our clinical team and/or our Clinical Director. If you are coming from a different geographical area we will conduct the intake by phone or Skype. We will do a comprehensive needs assessment with you to help determine what might be the best program. We will explain the program guidelines and logistics, make sure you have a complete understanding of what the program involves and that you are comfortable with your decision.

STEP 2- Nutritional Intake

You will then meet with one of our excellent dietitians to help you establish a meal plan and review the nutritional guidelines of the program. If you are out of the area this will be done by phone or Skype. Your dietitian will be a useful reference person, and their primary focus is to help you achieve your nutritional goals.

STEP 3- Medical Clearance

As part of our intake requirements, we will ask that you meet with a Medical Doctor and provide us with any up to date medical information you may have. If you have a relationship with a Doctor already, we can provide you with the information we would need from that Doctor, or you could work with one of the doctors affiliated with Cielo House.

Treatment Costs

Affordable Payment Plans and Financial Assistance

We offer financial aid in situations of financial hardship which can result in part of a client’s treatment cost being reduced or eliminated. Our financial hardship/aid process is straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s part of our commitment to not let finances get in the way of a person obtaining the help they need.

Insurance Coverage

We are currently contracted with most major insurance companies to have our services covered as “in-network”. Therefore you will receive the highest level of insurance coverage available to you. During your intake appointment we will contact your insurance company and verify the level of insurance coverage you will receive. After your intake appointment we will contact your insurance company to obtain an insurance authorization for your treatment. Also, you will not incur any costs in the program until we have formal authorization from your insurance company as to what insurance coverage you will receive.

Fees and Financing

In addition to keeping our fees lower than many other programs, we also partnered with American Benefit Credit to offer affordable financing options to help with the cost of treatment. Financing options can be discussed during your intake appointment and in the meantime you can learn more about our financing partners by visiting their website