Happy Holidays from Cielo House!

by    |    December 24th 2015    |    General

It has been an exciting year for Cielo House. 2015 has seen continued growth in our ability to support those overcoming Eating Disorders. With the establishment of our new Burlingame location, our partnering with Project HEAL to raise funds for Eating Disorder treatment scholarships, and our expanded services at all our locations, we have been able to reach more individuals and loved ones working towards Eating Disorder recovery. As the year comes to a conclusion we look forward to building upon the efforts of 2015, and creating even more offerings for the Eating Disorder community in 2016. We hope that over the Holidays you too will take stock of the wonderful things that have gone in your lives, think about how they have impacted and shaped you, and what elements from 2015 you would like to carry forward into the New Year.
A new year presents us all with an opportunity to start anew. It gives us hope and a feeling that whatever missteps or unrealized goals we had from the prior year don’t need to linger with us for the upcoming year. We can build upon our successes, learn from our shortcomings and do something entirely different and greater than what we did the year before. This chance to start anew is something that clients often report experiencing through their recovery. A new year gives us a small sampling of what this clean slate feels like. It feels full of possibility. This Holiday season Cielo House wishes you a world of hope, possibility, and the chance to start anew. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!