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This month’s Recovery Rockstar story comes from Aurora, who reminds us that recovery is not a fairy tale, but with hard work and the help of treatment, a transformation can occur. Her story is a testament that anyone can slay their dragons, whether it is the Eating Disorder or something else in their lives.
Hard at times to believe myself, this is a real story. Not a fairytale. There are


What do you find important in life? Chances are concepts will come to mind such as honesty, integrity, faith, community, or entities such as family, relationships, or friendships. The way you answer that question is indicative of your core values, and those are “valuable”clues to who you are as a person. Research finds that when we are

The practice of yoga quite literally means to “yoke” or link—in this case, specifically the practice of linking the mind, the body, and the spirit. And while yoga is often reduced to the image of some lithe, superhuman, twenty-something woman performing a series of uber-impressive poses on a mat, in reality, yoga as a discipline


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