Eating Disorder Treatment for Anorexia and Bulimia near Kansas City

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Eating Disorder Treatment near Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri – Cielo House provides private treatment for eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia. If you suffer with symptoms, please contact us to discuss treatment options. Although we do not have a location in Kansas City, Missouri, we offer one-of-a-kind residential as well as outpatient program options and are so confident that we can meet your treatment requirements that we’ll fly you out to visit our facilities in person.

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Kansas City Anorexia Bulimia

Kansas Medical Resources for Eating Disorder Patients
Do you live in Kansas City and suffer from anorexia or bulimia? You should be aware of the medical facilities nearby. Kansas City has a variety of medical facilities including the Children’s Mercy Hospital & Clinics (816) 234-3000 located at 2401 Gillham Road. Other hospitals and medical centers include the Saint Luke’s Medical Group (816) 880-6100 at 5844 North-West Barry Road that specializes in physical therapy, the Truman Medical Center Lakewood (816) 404-7000 located at 7900 Lee’s Summit Road offering disease management teams and dentistry and the Kindred Hospital (816) 995-2000 located at 8701 Troost Avenue. Some of the local pharmacies include the CVS Pharmacy at 3902 Main Street and the Stark Pharmacy at 6420 Prospect Avenue.
Kansas City, Missouri, Emergency Services
All Kansas City residents should also be familiar with the emergency services located in the area. The Kansas City Fire Department (816) 513-6865 is the leading fire brigade in Kansas and is located at 5130 Deramus Avenue. Other fire departments that are located in the vicinity include the North Kansas City Fire Department (816) 274-6029 situated at 1833 Bedford Road. For police support, you can go to the Kansas City Missouri Police (816) 234-5510 on East Linwood Boulevard or a variety of other departments that are spread across the city including one located on Locust Street or the Kansas City Police Citizen Office (816) 234-5005 on East 12th Street.
Background Information about Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City is located at the intersection of the Missouri and Kansas rivers, on the border between the states of Missouri and Kansas (and just south of Nebraska and Iowa). Because of its central location, the city has seen significant growth over the years and has also become a cultural center for the musical styles of jazz and the blues. The local population exceeds 2 million residents, making it the largest city in Missouri and the city’s 316 square miles are roughly divided between four different counties. The downtown area is characterized by the 28-story City Hall complex, with beautiful views located on the observation deck. The building was constructed in 1937 during the great depression.

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