Mental Health Related Obesity Treatment

MHRO is a concept developed by Cielo House. This is not a formal diagnosis, rather it describes a cluster of features that come along with co-occurring mental health disorders and obesity.

Despite what some may believe, obesity is not a byproduct of a fast-food culture or laziness. More often is a result of co-occurring mental health conditions that have gone untreated. Obesity presents its own set up problems, which worsen the mental health conditions. For example, the embarrassment that someone might feel about being obese leads them to socially isolate, which in turn worsens their depression and social anxiety.

MHRO identifies the “catch 22” of Obesity and Mental Health Concerns and reflects that both need to be treated simultaneously for lasting successful outcomes.

The Cielo House Approach to MHRO:

Treat both the same, and treat both at the same time. We would be remiss to treat someone’s physical condition without treating the underlying issues, and that applies to obesity as well.

Viewing obesity simply as a question of changing what one eats and getting more exercise oversimplifies the problem and invalidates the efforts and struggles of those who suffer from Mental Health-Related Obesity.

Our specialized program is designed to comprehensively treat obesity. Many clients will use our program as an alternative to costly bariatric procedures, which put a quick fix on a problem that requires much more extensive healing. We encourage clients who are considering bariatric surgery to try our lifestyle changing program first so they can begin to make lasting changes that will stay with them forever.