New PHP/IOP Program in Pleasanton

by    |    February 26th 2016    |    General

I am pleased to announce the opening of our fourth Cielo House location. The Pleasanton House is now open to provide Eating Disorder PHP and IOP services for clients in the East Bay and beyond. The Pleasanton location will feature the same treatment methods and amenities that you have come to expect from all of the Cielo House programs.
Comfortable homelike setting – The Pleasanton location at 1056 Division St. is a charming craftsman home that has been preserved and updated since the 1920s. The warm and welcoming setting allows our clients and families to feel at home while they are receiving treatment.
Caring and experienced treatment providers – We have added to the already exceptional Cielo House team, a group of skilled and caring Eating Disorder specialists at our Pleasanton location. More details about our wonderful pleasant and staff will be available soon on our website.
Convenient Full Day and Half Day schedules- The full day of treatment runs from 12 PM to 7:30 PM Monday through Friday. The half-day IOP schedule allows clients to choose either the daytime track from 12PM to 3:30 PM or the evening track from 430 to 7:30 PM, or to do a mix and match of both.
Unique hands-on nutritional approach – Our Meal Groups are led by registered dietitians, the nutritional experts themselves. In addition, we feature a Nutrition Education Group, Cooking Group, and Restaurant Challenge outing, as well as individual nutritional counseling. The nutrition program offers a well-rounded approach to reestablishing a healthy relationship with food.
Whole person clinical treatment– The therapeutic treatment program is designed to provide a mixture of skills-based therapies and depth approaches. We focus on much more than modifying behaviors, we help our clients understand in a holistic manner what they are experiencing in their recovery.
Treatment for adults and adolescents – At Cielo House we believe the strength of recovery comes from a kinship with others who are battling the Eating Disorder. By treating adults and adolescents simultaneously, there is a greater depth of experience and learning to be had from all of our clients.
Comprehensive treatment approach – Pleasanton has all the multidisciplinary treatment services that clients need in recovery. Offering individual therapy, family therapy, individual nutritional counseling, medication management, vital sign monitoring, and group therapy, we are able to provide comprehensive care under one roof, for less than what it would cost to piece together those outpatient services.
Insurance advocacy – We not only accept insurance, we work with insurance to advocate for all our clients. We accept and are in network with most of the major private insurance companies.
Fresh orange juice 🙂 – Our prolific Pleasanton Orange tree produces wonderful fruit that we look forward to turning into delicious orange juice and sharing with our clients and their families.
We look forward to this expansion of our Cielo House family. As with all of our programs, it is very important for us to maintain an intimate, personal healing community. This ethos of Cielo House remains true at our new Pleasanton location, with limited group sizes and a personalized approach to treatment. We meet our clients where they are at, and work diligently to make them feel like part of the Cielo House family. Call for a tour of our new Pleasanton location, where we continue the Cielo House tradition of healing together.
Matt Keck, MFT
Cielo House Founder
Pleasanton Location Information:
1056 Division St., Pleasanton, CA 94556