They say recovery is like driving a car. Most of the time you have to look at what’s directly in front of you. Sometimes you need to scan down the road and plan for what lies ahead. Occasionally you have to look in the rearview mirror or over your shoulder, to see what’s behind you, especially when changing lanes. At some point during the tremendous lane-change that is recovery, you will have to revisit your past,

Some of my earliest formative memories involve sitting in backyard patches of dirt, dripping wet from the springtime rain, undeterred in my quest to make the tastiest “stone soup” made of various creatures and wet dirt offerings. Or standing tiptoed in the kitchen, begging my mom to whisk the contents of this batter, or that batter.
The truth is that I have always had such a strong connection to food-ever since I was

For those of us who have spent time working with individuals trying to overcome an Eating Disorder, we know how scary it is for someone to live with the disorder. We also know how scary it can be for someone with an Eating Disorder to contemplate living without it. This is partly why it is so difficult for those affected by an eating disorder to accept treatment, and start the painful process of giving up the eating