Residential Treatment

Cielo House offers a unique approach to residential treatment that is based on cooperation and engagement. We are able to engage clients actively in the recovery process because they want to be part of the recovery community we have created. How do we do this?

There’s no secret formula, we simply have the highest quality staff in an amazing location on the San Francisco Coastside,

where we are able to use all the natural resources around us facilitate a true lifestyle change in our clients. Our clients are actively involved in things that captivate their interest everyday.

We are treating more than an Eating Disorder, we are offering a new lease on life, and a new perspective from which to approach their recovery and their wellness long after they leave our doors.

This program can be an alternative to costly hospitalizations or medical procedures, which don’t treat the underlying issues.
Click here to experience a day in the life of our residential program.

PHP with Transitional Housing

Once clients have completed our Residential Program, they may be in a position to return to their communities of origin. However, sometimes they may still benefit from the continued support of a more structured treatment environment.

At our Moss Beach location we offer a PHP with transitional housing that clients will find to be a great motivator. The transitional housing units are luxury 1 Bedroom suites situated above the Retreat Center.
They offer clients the ability to still utilize much of the treatment structure they are accustomed to, while working on developing more independence and autonomous control over the eating disorder behavior. When clients are ready, they can transition to IOP or PHP programs through our other locations or treatment centers near their community of origin.