Newsletter September 2016

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You’re doing it! You’re really making a go of your recovery. You’ve gotten the help you need, you found the motivation to take on this battle and you’ve been diligently working to understand your eating disorder, your emotions and yourself. You’re off to a really good start. You notice yourself getting stronger, feeling better and you feel more hopeful. But then life throws you a curve ball, and unexpected challenge,

In 2015 MoonShine Ink, a publication in Lake Tahoe, CA wrote an excellent piece called “Imperfection is Perfection” about this month’s Cielo House #RecoveryRockstar, Sage. It’s a really inspiring article, which you should definitely check out, at the following link.

It has been said that recovering from a substance addiction is like caging a lion. Overcoming an Eating Disorder is like caging a lion and then taking it for a walk several times a day. Food is something which we cannot simply avoid, we need it to live, so rather than simply locking it away, we need to learn to work with it. Eating disorders and substance addiction often occur simultaneously.


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