Which Level Of Care is Right For Me?

The rule of thumb in Eating Disorder treatment is that the right level of care for a person is the one at which they are able to stop the eating disorder behaviors for a sustainable period of time. Some may need 24 hour supervision and support to accomplish this, while others may need varying levels of containment. Requiring more support is not negative, it simply means that is the stage where one is at in their recovery.

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Another useful guideline is that if you have tried lower levels of care for a period of time without the desired outcome, it may be time to consider a higher level of care. Furthermore, higher levels of care can be useful in preventing the need for hospitalization, and are essential in transitioning from inpatient care.

Which eating disorder treatment program is right for me? While the ultimate decision is up to you, there are some guidelines as to which program would likely be the best fit for you. If you are interested to find out, take a moment to complete the Program Match Quiz to get a sense of what program may be right for you. While the Program Match Quiz is not a definitive answer, it may give you an idea of what to expect. When you meet with us for your intake, we also will be able to share our thoughts, and we hope you will consider our suggestions as well.